Phototherapy at home for Psoriasis

Light weight and portable, the DermaPal wand is an excellent choice for the scalp, spot treatments, and hard to reach areas

This innovative device, designed for treatment of the scalp and spots, brings targeted phototherapy into the convenience of your home

M Series
Specifically created for the hands and feet, the M series has lamps in both the hood and base for multi- directional therapy

7 Series
A 6 foot panel with optional doors, the 7 series is highly efficient and offers full-body treatment in a space- saving design

UV Series
A full-body cabinet with a unique elliptical shape and interior platform that ensures an even treatment every time

The ML24000 is the most technologically advanced UVA1 phototherapy unit available for treating skin disorders

3 Series
A state-of-the-art phototherapy cabinet partnered with SmartTouch…the most advanced phototherapy software available

The SL3000 incorporates a high intensity UVA1 lamp and proprietary filtering to achieve pure UVA1

Plasmalux LS
The PlasmaLux LS offers a high intensity blue light source for the treatment of acne in a compact design

4 Series
Powerful yet versatile, the 4 series is ideal for treating localized areas of the body 1 Series A small panel weighing just 10 lbs. and with a surprisingly high output, this unit is ideal for treatment of the face, hands and more

The Lumera is a breakthrough in targeted phototherapy for dermatoses of the scalp and localized areas of the body

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